Why is a Roller Shutter Door Right for you?

The roller shutter door is perfect for those wanting a modern living environment, with all the scope to create clean, contemporary visual lines and better functionality. Your garage is part of your home – much more than just an outbuilding – and requires specialist equipment to make it function in the right way for you. If there’s a door that will do all of this and more, it is the roller door.

You can choose roller doors that come with many additional features and they can work very flexibly for you; their popularity has endured for many years. They are high quality and long lasting, so if you decide to install a roller shutter door, then chances are you will have it in your home well into the future.

What are some of the key reasons for choosing a roller shutter door over the other kinds of door on the market?

If you are thinking about choosing a roller shutter door but you’re not yet 100% sure, it is a feature that will really benefit you. Here are some of the things to think about:

  • It is space saving. The door rolls upwards into the roof space, usually behind the opening of the garage. This means you will save space and can park a car closer to the garage if you would like to. The door won’t swing outwards when you open or close it, in the same way as an up and over canopy door would.
  • There are no tracks. Doors that have tracks will usually need more maintenance to keep them working properly, or will break more easily. The roller shutter door rolls up into itself as one single metal sheet, so it is much less likely to malfunction or cause you any difficulties. This is a simple way of operating the door and should work very well for you.
  • You can select the appearance of your choosing. You won’t be at all limited when you are choosing a roller shutter door. This kind of door works perfectly on a modern property, but it is so unassuming that you can also very easily install one in a more traditional type of property.
  • These doors are well insulated. There are rubber seals that help to make them airtight and weatherproof, and the door itself will lock when closed. This makes it more thermally efficient, so if you use your garage for anything other than storing equipment (maybe as a gym, or as a space to store food that needs to be a constant temperature), then a roller door can be very useful.

Easy to use. Roller shutter doors are usually electrically operated, so you can open and close them just by pressing a button. You can choose to have a remote control to operate the door, so that you can open it from inside the car – or anywhere else for that matter. Then you can pull your car into the drive, and put it inside the garage without having to set foot outside of your vehicle.