Ways You Can Decrease Moisture in Your Garage

Allowing your garage to have moisture can create a multitude of problems, especially if you have high value items stored within. It is important to take steps to reduce the amount of moisture, that is likely to continue, if you do nothing.

1. Use a Heater in the Winter: using a non-propane heater can reduce the amount of condensation that occurs in winter months
2. Apply a Floor Coating: polyaspartic garage floor coverings greatly reduce moisture levels
3. Use a Vapor Barrier: wall vapor barriers are excellent for condensation reduction
4. Dehumidifier: putting in a dehumidifier can pull moisture out of the garage but will need to be emptied regularly
5. Dry Wet Items: before storing anything inside of the garage, ensure it is dry (even cars)
6. Clear Out Clutter: the more that is in your garage, the more the airflow is restricted

By using these recommended tips, you can greatly reduce or eliminate the amount of moisture that is in your garage that could potentially damage the contents.