Upgrading Your Garage Flooring

The versatility of garages cannot be over stated with many people using them to store their less used valuables or a vehicle but yet many others converting their garages into a gym or office. Regardless of what you choose to store or whatever use you find is best for your garage, there may come a time when you decide that the floor in your garage is simply not suitable due to it being damaged or unsightly. There are several options for improving and upgrading your garage floor, here are a few:

Paint and Epoxy are the two most common options with the biggest difference between the two, being performance. Paint or epoxy paint can give new life to your garage floor whilst being resistant to solvents or other caustic material damage. However, true epoxy gives a more durable and longer-lasting finish. If there are large cracks or damage, in the floor, these may need to be repaired before using these options for the best result.

The other options that are typically used are floor tiles or purpose made mats, which can be put over a rough floor surfaces. Usually the type of floor tiles used in a garage are interlocking rigid or semi-rigid plastic, rubber or wood composite, can be removed if necessary and are more durable than vinyl. The easiest and probably less expensive option is roll out mats, usually made of rubber or polyvinyl plastic. These come in various types and are usually resilient and easy to clean.