Signs You May Need New Garage Roofing

Whilst there is an innumerable amount of uses for a garage, it will typically, irregardless contain some form of expensive possessions and therefore you should ensure that the roof on your garage remains sound. If you are unsure if your garage roof needs replacing, there are a few signs that could help give you clues, that you may need to have someone come out and check it.

1. Raised Shingles- if you can visually see shingles that are ‘curled’ or not laying flat, that is a big indicator of needing replaced

2. Moss- if you have moss growing on your garage roof and you do not remove it, it will create significant damage that could lead to you needing to replace the roofing

3. Dampness- if you see any damp patches or mould on the ceiling of your garage, it is a big indicator that the roofing materials are not doing their job

Stay vigilant for these signs that there could be some issue with your garage roofing and be sure to get it taken care of quickly so that the contents of your garage remain protected.