Preventing Mould in your Garage

Have you been experiencing mould in your garage? This is often a very common problem for UK garage owners. Several causes of mould growth could be poor drainage, lack of ventilation and little natural light. Mould loves dark and damp environments. There are a couple things you can try to ensure that your garage stays dry, so as to stop or prevent mould growth.

1. Find the source of moisture: maybe water is getting in from a leaky garage door, damage to the outer structure of your garage or even the garage flooring.

2. Provide good ventilation: you can either have a fan installed in your garage that helps to circulate air through the garage or periodically open the garage up to let it air out.

3. Use a dehumidifier- one way to decrease moisture in the garage is by getting a dehumidifier that will help keep the garage drier.

It is important to take steps to keeping your garage dry and well ventilated to help make the chances of mould growth less likely. Mould can ruin items you may be storing so be sure to look out for it.