Spring clean your loft

Over time your loft space may become very cluttered and messy meaning finding the motivation to give it a good clear out may be difficult but it sometimes gets to the stage that it has to be done. When your loft space becomes inaccessible due to clutter then it can be a safety issue and you really need to give it a good tidy up.

Start by preparing for it, book a day in your calendar and keep the whole day free, you want to ensure you do a proper job and don’t get distracted. Another great option is to ask for help, you will find it far easier if you have an extra pair of hands.

Start by having a good clear out – throw, sell, or donate any unwanted or unused items. You should then consider your storage options – tidy everything away into suitable storage. Once complete consider everything a good clean, hoover, or sweep up any debris and wipe down any windows or skylights.

Should you repair or replace your garage door?

If you have a garage door that isn’t working as it should be, you may be considering whether you should repair it or replace it. There are a few factors to consider which will help you make the right decision.

If you have an automatic garage door that stops working you may think it needs completely replacing, but it is often more cost effective to get your garage door fixed. If your garage door feels heavy, the springs may be knackered but work door springs are a simple fix.

If you are experiencing the same problems with your garage door time and time again, even with the problems being repaired then it is time to think about a complete replacement. When small problems arise if they are not fixed as soon as possible it can leave permanent damage.

The average garage door has a life expectancy of 15-30 years, whilst automatic doors having a shorter life of 10-15 years. If your garage door has exceeded these limits then it is time to get it replaced.

How to Measure your Garage Door Accurately

You must measure up accurately before getting a new garage door to ensure you buy the correct size. Ill fitting garage doors can let out heat and can pose security issues, so measuring is essential.

The main thing you need to know is the opening size, not the panel size, as the tolerance that’s allowed will depend on the manufacturer. Once you know the size of the opening, you can work out what size door you need.

Measure the width and height, measuring between the frame and from the floor to the top of the frame. If you’re having an electric door, you’ll also need to measure the space where the motor will go. If you are choosing a sectional garage door or a round the corner garage door, this will run on tracks either up into the ceiling or around the walls of the garage. You’ll need to measure these areas too, dependent on door type.

Investing in your Garage

A garage is one of those desirable features that people look for when buying a home, but when it comes to actually using it, most people just don’t get the most out of their garage at all. It’s a nice idea to have one but in practice, it can be so much better utilised. If you have a garage you are not using to its full potential, here are some ideas to help you.

  • Make your garage better insulated. This will allow you to use it for a number of different things, such as a home gym or a workshop. You can use a garage in many different ways to add to your lifestyle.
  • Install windows. More natural light will help make your garage a better environment.
  • Choose a new garage door. This will make it easier to access your garage, meaning you can instantly begin to get more use out of it.

Garage Storage – Improved with the Right Door

What do a garage door and garage storage space have in common, you might be wondering. Well, think about a canopy or up and over garage door. It swings open outwards and needs to be opened manually, so you will have to be able to get close to the door in order to open it. Compare this to a sectional or roller door. These door styles open vertically, and they can be fully motorised as well. They will save you space due to the style of the opening, and not having to get close to the garage door to open it.

A sectional door or roller shutter garage door will give you a larger storage capacity inside the garage and you can store awkwardly shaped items or have fixtures and fittings close to the door as well. It’s a flexible option that will benefit you and your home.

What Constitutes a Quality Garage Door in London?

Every area will have its own considerations and its own character. The garage door you choose for your London property must be just right for a property in this area, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of having a new garage door installed. You must install a door that will last you for long enough to make the most of it, and that will work in the way you want it to. London garage doors need to work with your property specifically, ensuring that it will work in harmony with the rest of the features of your property.

So what makes a good garage door in London? Anyone living in the capital will know that it’s busy, noisy and not the most peaceful of places! A garage door needs to work with that and counteract the potentially negative aspects of being in the city. Your garage will most definitely benefit.

Here are some of the pointers to consider when choosing a garage door in London:

  • It must be made of strong, robust material. There is a lot of pollution in London and in order for your garage door to last, you will need it to be strong and sturdy. A material like steel or aluminium should be good, though aluminium might be more easily dented.
  • The colour should hide some of the dirt and grime. London is busy, filled with traffic, people and even urban animals like foxes. It might be tempting to choose a bright white garage door, but it might not be the best choice if you live in an inner city area. You might be better off choosing a darker door that will hide some of the dirt of the city.
  • Secure. Your property might be more at risk of burglaries if you have a garage, as the garage door might look to be an easy access point. Make sure burglars don’t have an easy time of getting into your garage, by choosing a door that is strong and highly secure. It is possible to get high security garage door designs, and if you choose a style like a roller door or a sectional door, it won’t be easy to jam it open. Any new garage door will be an improvement on an old one, which might have gaps that make it easy to force the door open.
  • Easy to fit into the space. Properties in London are often smaller as a result of being in inner city areas. If you are lucky enough to have a garage, it might be smaller – double garages aren’t as common, unless the garage is further away from your house. Make sure you can get a garage door to fit the opening you have.
  • Affordable. Londoners are used to the general cost of living being higher. This doesn’t have to be the case with garage doors. Browse online until you find some that are reasonably priced and offer good value for money. Don’t pay over the odds for your London garage door.

Finding a Garage Door Supplier as an End User

Garage door suppliers are everywhere – on the internet, in physical shops… there are plenty of suppliers once you begin your search. In order to find the right supplier for you, it’s important to know what you are looking for. Do you want a classic up and over door? Would you prefer a round the corner door? Do you want a side hinged door to give the appearance of a stable? Whatever you want, you need to find the supplier who can meet your needs.

As an end user, installation is also important. Ask suppliers whether they can recommend installers or if they have their own installers for their brands and products. It’s not something that most end users want to install themselves, especially if you want the door to be hung properly to ensure maximum security. Once you have found a supplier with the doors you love who can offer you installation solutions, you have found the right one.

Why is a Roller Shutter Door Right for you?

The roller shutter door is perfect for those wanting a modern living environment, with all the scope to create clean, contemporary visual lines and better functionality. Your garage is part of your home – much more than just an outbuilding – and requires specialist equipment to make it function in the right way for you. If there’s a door that will do all of this and more, it is the roller door.

You can choose roller doors that come with many additional features and they can work very flexibly for you; their popularity has endured for many years. They are high quality and long lasting, so if you decide to install a roller shutter door, then chances are you will have it in your home well into the future.

What are some of the key reasons for choosing a roller shutter door over the other kinds of door on the market?

If you are thinking about choosing a roller shutter door but you’re not yet 100% sure, it is a feature that will really benefit you. Here are some of the things to think about:

  • It is space saving. The door rolls upwards into the roof space, usually behind the opening of the garage. This means you will save space and can park a car closer to the garage if you would like to. The door won’t swing outwards when you open or close it, in the same way as an up and over canopy door would.
  • There are no tracks. Doors that have tracks will usually need more maintenance to keep them working properly, or will break more easily. The roller shutter door rolls up into itself as one single metal sheet, so it is much less likely to malfunction or cause you any difficulties. This is a simple way of operating the door and should work very well for you.
  • You can select the appearance of your choosing. You won’t be at all limited when you are choosing a roller shutter door. This kind of door works perfectly on a modern property, but it is so unassuming that you can also very easily install one in a more traditional type of property.
  • These doors are well insulated. There are rubber seals that help to make them airtight and weatherproof, and the door itself will lock when closed. This makes it more thermally efficient, so if you use your garage for anything other than storing equipment (maybe as a gym, or as a space to store food that needs to be a constant temperature), then a roller door can be very useful.

Easy to use. Roller shutter doors are usually electrically operated, so you can open and close them just by pressing a button. You can choose to have a remote control to operate the door, so that you can open it from inside the car – or anywhere else for that matter. Then you can pull your car into the drive, and put it inside the garage without having to set foot outside of your vehicle.

A Round the Corner Garage Door

Many people want to get a new garage door that will add style and class to a home, and yet they don’t know what will be the best option. If this sounds like the predicament you are in, a round the corner garage door is the ideal choice. It will look beautiful, more like an integral part of the home than a garage, meaning that you home will look that little bit more special and will simply ooze classiness.

A round the corner door opens and closes inside of the garage, sliding around automatically for ease of use. You will need to make sure you have enough room for the mechanism, so this kind of door will generally suit a larger garage. If you are unsure whether you can get dimensions that will fit, look into round the corner doors in more detail and see some specific brands, then work out if they will be suitable.

Protecting Your Property with an Automatic Gate

An automatic gate can be programmed to open for certain car registrations, or it can be opened up with a certain pin code or remote control. This makes you completely in control of the opening, which offers excellent protection for your property. An automatic gate can be positioned anywhere, making it difficult for people to gain access to your garden, garage, and any part of your home. 

You can choose gates with different levels of security. For example, a very high gate will be harder to climb, but a lower gate might look more aesthetically appealing, and friendly for the people you do actually want to invite to your home. You need to balance the need for aesthetics with the need for security, to find an automatic gate that is a good compromise. Make sure you test the gate regularly once it has been installed, so you know it is still working correctly.