Keeping Your Garage Door in Tip Top Shape

In our very busy lives, it can be easy to forget to ensure we are performing the proper garage door maintenance necessary to keep it operating properly and keeping our garage and its contents secure. Garages, statistically, are considered a target for theft and one way to decrease this threat is to keep your door fully functioning and in good shape so as to prolong its life.

Maintenance Tips

• Inspect all the moving parts for cleanliness. Be sure to check springs, cables, rollers, track and even the lock. Keeping these areas clean and free of debris is important to their functionality.

• Inspect all moving parts for wear and tear. If you spot signs of damage be sure to make repairs before using the door again. Some minor repairs may be done by a handy DIY’er but some things like high tension springs could result in injury and should probably be handled by a qualified service technician.

• Be sure to lubricate moving parts. This will extend their life. Do this sparingly, as if done too often it can attract dirt and eventually cause issues by gumming up.