Don’t Risk Storing Items in a Damp Garage!

A common issue many home owners face is dampness in the garage. Finding and fixing these issues should be a high priority, so as to protect any items stored in your garage and preventing mould growth. There are a few different reasons this may be happening:

If you are experiencing a rising dampness, typically you will be able to see moisture on the lower parts of the walls and floor, this is due to moisture rising from the ground. Normally, newer homes have a water proof barrier and membrane under the flooring, to prevent this, so it is possible that may be damaged. Older homes, may not have sufficient waterproofing on the floor so you may need a professional to assess the situation.

If it is a penetrating dampness, which usually happens in a certain part of the garage, it most likely means there is waterproofing damage in that specific area. Some reasons this may be happening are damaged guttering, missing tiles or bricks losing their waterproof coating. Other common problem areas are corners and joints.

If you are noticing the presence of condensation, this is typically prevalent in environments that are not properly ventilated. By getting an extractor fan installed or ensuring you regularly air out your garage, this could reduce the amount of dampness you experience.

Additional ways of keeping out any dampness, are ensuring that any windows are double glazed and make sure to dry any wet items before storing them in your garage, including vehicles.