Author: Sam

  • Garage Storage – Things to Consider

    Organising a garage isn’t a universal operation and what works in 1 household wouldn’t necessarily work in another. Before you start to organise your garage you’ll want to empty it completely. This will allow you to see how much space you have and what type of storage you want to use. As you empty it, […]

  • Garage Uses

    A garage is a fantastic space that can be transformed to meet almost any requirement, yet some people have it completely unused or full of junk. This is ok and for some, but when you think of the possibilities, an extra room could provide opportunities to significantly improve your quality of life. You could have […]

  • Sectional & Roller Garage Doors

    Unlike overhead doors, sectional doors consist of panels that slide along rails along the garage opening and along the garage ceiling. Sectional garage doors are becoming more popular in driveway projects and are among the most common types you will find. This door type is ideal for garages or garage remodels where light and comfort […]

  • Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

    Problems with your garage door usually start as jerky movements when opening or closing the door. This can sometimes be the first sign of a problem. By checking your garage door twice a year, you can ensure that it remains in optimal working order. A well-maintained garage door is relatively quiet as it moves up […]

  • Signs You May Need New Garage Roofing

    Whilst there is an innumerable amount of uses for a garage, it will typically, irregardless contain some form of expensive possessions and therefore you should ensure that the roof on your garage remains sound. If you are unsure if your garage roof needs replacing, there are a few signs that could help give you clues, […]

  • Ways You Can Decrease Moisture in Your Garage

    Allowing your garage to have moisture can create a multitude of problems, especially if you have high value items stored within. It is important to take steps to reduce the amount of moisture, that is likely to continue, if you do nothing. 1. Use a Heater in the Winter: using a non-propane heater can reduce […]

  • Types of Garage Floor Mats

    Whether you are trying to protect items that you are storing, or creating a better environment for a workshop in your garage, an incredible option for covering concrete garage flooring is through the use of floor mats. These floor mats can come in a few different ways, such as long sheets that you can roll […]

  • Preventing Mould in your Garage

    Have you been experiencing mould in your garage? This is often a very common problem for UK garage owners. Several causes of mould growth could be poor drainage, lack of ventilation and little natural light. Mould loves dark and damp environments. There are a couple things you can try to ensure that your garage stays […]

  • Garage Door Security

    Unfortunately, theft is one of the biggest fears of homeowners, and garages are typically an easy target as they are usually less secure. Due to the nature of garages they will most likely be holding items of value so it is in your best interest to ensure that your garage is secure and one way […]

  • How to organise your garage

    Garages tend to be used for more than just storing vehicles, instead, they are a fantastic source of extra storage space attached to your home. Over time your garage may start to look cluttered and messy if it isn’t organised properly. We have put together a list of the top easy ways you can organise […]