An Electric Roller Shutter Door for Garages with Limited Space

An electric roller shutter is in many regards the best option for a garage with limited space available to install a door. As garages become smaller and smaller on many new homes (they are still a luxury to have, but space can be tight), a door that maximises space is top of the list for many people looking for a new door. There will of course be other considerations, like easy opening while also making the door secure, which can also be accounted for with an electric roller shutter; the electric operation, paired with the secure design, makes it a highly popular, practical, modern design. There are so many benefits that come with electric roller shutter garage doors and more and more homeowners are beginning to explore the possibilities.

The primary function of a garage door is to keep a garage safe and to protect the contents inside. In this respect, a roller shutter door can very much deliver. It is a sheet that rolls down over the opening and is secured in place, much the same as you would see on commercial buildings like shops when they are locked up at night, but much more aesthetically pleasing in addition. From this respect, you will be able to have your most basic garage door needs met by an electric roller shutter door.

So what about the additional benefits that they will bring? The vertical opening roller design not only makes the door highly secure, it also makes it very simple and easy to use. This is true of all roller shutter doors but most especially those with electric operation included in the design. This means the door will not need to be opened by hand and will instead open electrically, with a remote control, switch, or other mechanism. It could even be part of a smart home system if you wanted to link to door up to this. For this reason alone a roller door will be a big upgrade for many people looking for a simple product that has a clever, sophisticated design which will enable easier access to their garage. After all, who has time to be opening up a door by hand that is tricky to manoeuvre and that might even cause injury? (Not to mention the fact it will take up so much space to open as it will move through a complete arc).

It is clear that a roller door will save space outside of the garage, but what about inside? The design of a roller shutter door means that it is fixed above the door opening and there are no tracks, which can take up some space and which might be found on other types of electric door, such as sectional doors or round the corner doors which take up more internal space. A roller shutter door simply rolls up and down so no tracks are required. If the opening is tight and there is limited headroom, this type of door is also perfect as it can be fitted into more limited spaces. This means you can make more use of the storage inside of your garage, storing items closer to the entrance of the garage, stacking them higher up to the roof, and moving them about more easily inside without worrying about tracks getting in the way.

One additional benefit of not having tracks on top of the space saving element is that maintenance will be simple. Any electrically operated system should be inspected every once in a while to make sure it is running as it should be, but maintenance for a roller shutter will be nice and simple. This makes upkeep easier for you.

Why is a Roller Shutter Better for Smaller Spaces?

To conclude, roller shutters are an excellent idea for garages where there is limited headroom or where the garage itself might be quite small. They are also very useful if you do not want the door to open outwards onto the driveway or pavement. This is because:

  • There is very little space required for the curtain – this is slimline and requires very little room for safe and effective operation. Other types of door tend to be bulkier.
  • The shutter opens and closes vertically, not outwards. You will not have to think about the space it will take up inside and outside of the garage.
  • Little headroom is required. The shutter rolls up and down, rather than using tracks to run along. This type of door can be fitted where there is limited space available overhead, meaning you can keep the door opening taller for easier access.